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As a result of globalization, I am enjoying working within an international environment including diversity and multicultural aspects. In addition to my international expertise in Law, I am trying to develop processes and adapt them to the needs. Very professional, my reputation of legal expert and lawyer allow me to be on the best rank of experts and references. ...


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كامل الجزائر

المسار الوظيفي
2014 إلى 2018
المؤسسة | Deutsch- Algerische Industrie und Handelskammer AHK | Algiers, Algeria | ... Voir plus
الوظيفة Schatzmeister- Vorstand (Conseil Exécutif)
2013 إلى 2014
المؤسسة | In-ternational Consulting A & A UG | Bremen, Germany | We are an international network of both generalists and specialised consulting experts in business support and development policies in Europe, Africa & Middle East. Our main objective is to provide strategic and operational support to corporations and o... Voir plus ... Voir plus
الوظيفة Managing Director / Owner
2012 إلى 2013
المؤسسة | Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH | | Strategy review & implementation ... Voir plus
الوظيفة Internship
2009 إلى 2010
المؤسسة | UNHCR | | Refugee Status Determination, Country of Origin information, Human rights, monitoring, implementation of UNHCR policy on HIV, Gender balance, ... ... Voir plus
الوظيفة RSD Officer
المؤسسة | United Nations Mission | | head of a team of 4 lawyers 2 Assistants) Main activities and responsibilities ... Voir plus ... Voir plus
الوظيفة Lawyer (owner
2008 إلى 2009
المؤسسة | Law - Investment - Business | | Occupation or position held IUNV Protection of Civilian Officer with UNMIS ... Voir plus ... Voir plus
الوظيفة Legal and Juridical
المؤسسة | UNHCR United Nations High Commissariat for Refugees | | Occupation or position held Lawyer ... Voir plus ... Voir plus
الوظيفة Humanitarian - Law
2007 إلى 2018
المؤسسة | Ait Amar Avocats Conseils / Lawyers / Rechtsanwälte | 117 Didouche Mourad 16004 Algiers Algeria | Ait Amar Law-firm is a bridge between business communities and cultures. We commit ourselves to act as a connector for companies and entrepreneurs from Europe, Russia, Africa, America and Asia. Through legal expertise, consultancy, advisory and concrete business facilitating activities, we enhance international cooperation and enable companies to enter new markets thus they can mutually enrich both sides through cultural diversity and economic input. Our diversified... Voir plus ... Voir plus
الوظيفة Attorney at Law / Owner
2007 إلى 2010
المؤسسة | AIT AMAR & Associés Law Firm | Algeria & Germany | Legal advise, judiciary assistance, legal issues & cross cultural dimension, labor law, national & International contracts, work permit, strategy, ... ... Voir plus
الوظيفة Lawyer - Rechtsanwalt - Avocat
المؤسسة | Telecommunication - Human Resources | | Main activities and responsibilities Human's rights, Refugees protection, assistance, monitoring and reporting, Durable solution, Local Integration, Coordination.... Voir plus ... Voir plus
الوظيفة National Specialist Protection and
المؤسسة | UNHCR | | Occupation or position held In charge of the Refugee Status Determination - Protection of Refugee ... Voir plus ... Voir plus
الوظيفة Refugee Status Determination
المؤسسة | Argentinean Embassy in Algiers | | Type of business or sector ... Voir plus
الوظيفة Diplomatic, Administrative, Law
المؤسسة | Wataniya Telecom Algeria 07 Chemin | | Main activities and responsibilities recruitment, contract, legal advising ... Voir plus ... Voir plus
الوظيفة Coordinator Human Resources
2000 إلى 2002
المؤسسة | Juridical - Law | | Main activities and responsibilities Advising, consulting ... Voir plus ... Voir plus
الوظيفة Legal advisor
1998 إلى 2000
المؤسسة | Cabinet D'avocat Maître Ait | | Main activities and responsibilities Advising, consulting in labour legislations (Preparing contract, recruitment, following cases in the Court, work permit), commerce law, Maritime transport & logestic.... Voir plus ... Voir plus
الوظيفة Specialist Jurist
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